About Us

ITserv Technology. that started its journey in the information technologies sector with “we add value to your business” slogan considers unconditional customer satisfaction as the basis and offers information technologies solutions with a superior service approach to find the most effective solutions to customer’s business efficiency requirements and expectations, increase their competitive power, enabling them to closely follow the technological developments in the information technologies sector and to integrate such developments to their business.

ITserv Technology  that creates innovative solutions integrated into the world by providing added value in all the projects it offers a solution with advanced certified expert engineers and sales team designs an uninterrupted and continuous IT architecture without causing time and money loss to the customers based on continuously developing technological trends and offers customers an integrated IT solution accessible from a single centre.

ITserv Technology, a company of ITGroup, has the power and flexibility to act as a whole with the brands and companies under this roof.


To be a leading digital transformation representative, a new generation, and a global technology corporation.


To lead institutions into the future as a solution provider that is responsive to its customers, personnel, and ecosystem, as well as responsible to its country and the world.


In order to win, we will not compromise our values.

We have high regard for both nature and humans.

We contribute to the well-being of our environment and ecology.

We are dedicated to achieving our objectives.

We welcome innovation and development.

We concentrate on finding a solution.

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