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Strategic Partnership from ITserv Technology and Octopus, Press Release

Understanding the customer with behavioural analysis in retail …   Strategic partnership between ITserv Technology and Octopus: Efficiency with Technology in Retail   – ITserv Technology, a pioneer in next-generation technology solutions, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Octopus, which increases the efficiency of brands in retail. ITserv Technology will carry out Octopus’ sales […]

Is Data Annotation Tech Legit?

Data annotation technology is indeed legitimate and plays a crucial role in various industries, particularly in the realm of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Data annotation refers to the process of labeling or tagging data samples to create training datasets for machine learning models. These annotations provide the necessary context and ground truth labels that […]

What Is Computer Science?

Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems, encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects of computing. It involves understanding how computers work, developing algorithms to solve problems, and creating software and hardware solutions. Here’s a breakdown of what computer science is and its core components for a newbie:   Key Areas of Computer […]

What is a Tech Pack?

A tech pack, short for technical package, is a comprehensive document that outlines all the specifications and details required to manufacture a product, typically in the fashion and apparel industry. It’s a crucial tool for communication between designers and manufacturers, ensuring that the final product meets the desired quality and design standards. Here’s an overview […]

What is computational thinking?

Computational thinking is a problem-solving process that involves breaking down complex problems into manageable parts, recognizing patterns, creating step-by-step solutions, and using algorithms and data structures to solve them. It’s a fundamental skill not just for computer scientists but for anyone looking to solve problems effectively and efficiently in various fields. The core aspects of […]

What is AI technology?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science dedicated to creating systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence. These tasks include learning from data, recognizing patterns, making decisions, and understanding natural language. AI systems aim to mimic cognitive functions such as perception, reasoning, and problem-solving, making them capable of handling complex activities […]