The Domestic and National Monitoring Software is Combined with ChatGPT for the First Time.

The domestic and national monitoring software is combined with ChatGPT for the first time.

ITserv Technology combined the first certified domestic and national monitoring software, ITOC, with the artificial intelligence robot ChatGPT. With this development, ITOC has become the first monitoring software that can deliver solutions for problems with ChatGPT, analyze problems with advanced machine learning models and algorithms, and propose a solution with artificial intelligence technology. From now on, corporations that monitor their technological infrastructure 24/7 from their mobile devices or portals will be able to shorten the solution process for critical problems and increase efficiency thanks to ChatGPT artificial intelligence integration.

With the service, which will be a first in Turkey, corporations will be able to shorten the solution process for critical problems and increase their efficiency thanks to ChatGPT artificial intelligence integration.

ITserv Technology, under ITGroup, launched the first certified national and domestic monitoring service, ITOC, last year. ITOC enabled corporations to monitor their technological infrastructure at any time and from anywhere via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Furthermore, thanks to its 24/7 response team, ITOC was able to not only detect problems but also interfere with and resolve them in a short time.

ITserv Technology has now announced the launch of their new service, which will be a first in the infrastructure monitoring software world, combining their ITOC with the artificial intelligence algorithm ChatGPT. ChatGPT has been modeled and integrated into ITOC by ITserv Technology engineers. With the new development, from now on all companies that use ITOC will be safer against any anomaly in their IT systems, thanks to the new model supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It was used for education

ITGroup’s CEO Mehmet Ertan Erdoğan, who stated that they combined artificial intelligence with monitoring software for the first time, described the process and their goals as follows: “For a while now, we have been developing our products with machine learning. We developed our new ChatGPT-supported module for our teams to be able to take faster actions against complex and difficult problems. With the work of our engineers, we are launching a service that will enable our business partners to benefit from artificial intelligence. We will continue to break fresh ground using artificial intelligence and machine learning in the future.

Offering a monthly subscription

With ITOC, ITServ, provides the opportunity to use 24/7 monitoring and intervention services with monthly subscription payment methods without having to purchase a license other than the ownership model. ITOC makes a difference, especially in its operation center with the response team that monitors corporations 24/7.

How does ITOC work?

The ITOC app instantly explores the network, energy, server, storage, climatization, and similar equipment within the company’s infrastructure from the moment it is integrated into the corporation’s system. After the exploration, it simultaneously detects and notifies the possible problems in devices and software to the relevant executives. Instead of notifying every employee, the necessary alarm and notification messages are sent to the relevant department’s employees. The operation team provides 24/7 intervention services for corporations. The ITOC application, which allows corporations to manage all these processes through Android and iOS-compatible mobile devices, provides the flexibility to monitor system and network infrastructures 24/7 at any time and from any location.