Managed Services


By understanding the in-depth complexity of your customer infrastructure through a meticulous analysis process, we offer comprehensive and customized managed services to ensure your business continuity and uninterrupted performance. These services are designed to effectively operate at every stage of your technological infrastructure, allowing you to focus on growing your business

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Maintenance and Support Service

· Proactive Infrastructure Management and Monitoring: We closely monitor every detail of your infrastructure, detecting performance fluctuations in advance and intervening when necessary.


· Software Management and Updates: We keep track of the latest software versions for your components and provide regular updates to prevent security vulnerabilities.


· Hardware Performance Optimization: We optimize configurations to ensure your hardware components operate at their best in terms of speed, capacity, and efficiency.

· Database Management and Backup Strategies: We implement effective management and regular backup strategies to maintain the health and security of your databases.


· Virtualization Management and Optimization: We enhance resource efficiency by making your infrastructure more efficient through virtualization technologies.


· Data Storage and Backup Solutions: We offer optimized storage and comprehensive backup solutions to securely store critical data and ensure rapid accessibility.


· Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation: We prepare customized disaster recovery plans to maximize business continuity in case of potential disruptions and execute rapid interventions when needed.

Remote Management and Monitoring


· 24/7 Monitoring and Immediate Response: We offer comprehensive monitoring services aimed at detecting potential issues by continuously monitoring your infrastructure. Detecting potential issues and promptly responding minimizes downtime.


· Remote Technical Support and Troubleshooting: Our expert technical support team collaborates with you through remote access tools to quickly and effectively resolve issues.


· Performance Monitoring and Detailed Reporting: We closely track your infrastructure’s performance, prepare reports, and present the current status and improvement recommendations.


· Network Management and Security: We take care of the continuous management and security of your network infrastructure, ensuring that your network is fast, reliable, and secure.


· Information Security and Sensitive Data Protection: We offer advanced security solutions, especially for the security of sensitive data, to keep your information security at the highest level.


· Cloud Services Consultation: Besides Microsoft Office 365, we focus on major hyper-scaler cloud solutions such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, helping you create the most suitable cloud strategies for your business needs.

Customized Solutions


· Customized Management and Support Plans: We offer customized management and support plans tailored to your business’s specific requirements, considering your unique needs.


· Rapid Scalability and Capacity Management: We provide flexible and scalable solutions to quickly respond to changes in your workload and scale your infrastructure as needed.


· Strategic Infrastructure Consulting: We offer guidance in developing future-oriented infrastructure strategies, taking into account your business’s goals and growth plans.


· Emergency Recovery and Improvement Plans: We prepare emergency recovery and improvement plans to enable you to respond quickly to unexpected events.


· Advanced Security Solutions: We provide customized and multi-layered security measures to protect against advanced threats.