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Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions


On-Premises and Office 365 Integration

We optimize both your on-premises infrastructure and cloud-based Office 365 services by offering Microsoft solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business. With this integration, we enhance your productivity while ensuring business continuity.

Key Services for Single and Multi-Site Architectures

· Active Directory Services

Utilizing the power of Active Directory for single and multi-site architectures, we centrally manage user accounts and enforce your security policies. We ensure secure and efficient access for your users.

· Exchange Server Solutions

Email communication is essential to business processes. We enhance communication by offering robust and secure email services using Exchange Server for both single-site and multi-site architectures.

· SQL Server Services

Managing and analyzing your data forms the foundation of your business decisions. Whether in single or multi-site architectures, we provide database solutions using SQL Server to effectively manage your data.

· File Server Solutions

The security and accessibility of your files are crucial to your business processes. We provide File Server solutions for both single-site and multi-site architectures, enabling you to centralize the storage and sharing of files.

Cloud Services

· Azure Active Directory

By migrating your identity management to the cloud with Azure Active Directory, we provide secure sign-ins and access management for your business. Even in single-site or multi-site architectures, we prioritize user security.

· Exchange Online

With Exchange Online, a cloud-based email solution, we manage email communication securely and flexibly. We offer the best solutions to enhance your business continuity and productivity.

· Microsoft Teams

We take communication and collaboration to the next level with Microsoft Teams. In both single-site and multi-site architectures, you can engage in instant messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, and collaboration with team members.

Customized Solutions

· Integration and Migration Management

We ensure a seamless transition from your existing infrastructure to Office 365 in both single and multi-site architectures, guaranteeing your business continuity.

· Security and Monitoring Solutions

We provide best practices for ensuring security and monitoring in both on-premises and cloud-based solutions.

· Customized Training and Support

We provide personalized training and resources to empower your users with the skills needed to maximize their use of Microsoft solutions, all while offering continuous support.

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