Quality Policy

ITSERV Technology Inc. We aim to act in line with legal requirements, gain the trust of our stakeholders and contribute to sustainable development with the Quality Management System we have established in line with our vision, mission, principles, and values.


Under this purpose;

To ensure the security of information and to carry out activities within this scope,

To increase cooperation with the competent authorities and local governments on Health-Safety-Environment issues,

To be customer-oriented and to ensure continuity in meeting their expectations and to meeting customer complaints effectively,

To follow technological developments, to carry out design and development studies in our products/processes,

To be transparent to our stakeholders in our practices,

Identifying, evaluating, monitoring, and taking actions when necessary, according to impact and probability, of risk factors and opportunities that may affect the achievement of company goals, within the scope of corporate risk management approach,

To inform and raise awareness of our employees and all other stakeholders by using training and communication channels,

Within the framework of the management systems, we have established legal regulations and ethical rules; To provide customer satisfaction by meeting the expectations of our customers,

Implementing and continuously improving the requirements of the ISO 9001 standards with the participation of our employees to increase awareness.

We undertake to evaluate the effectiveness of our management systems and the goals and programs that make up these systems through regular reviews and to carry out the necessary studies for continuous improvement in line with the sustainability principle.