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Security Infrastructure Solutions

Security Infrastructure Solutions


The security of your business is paramount in safeguarding the privacy of your data and defending against cyber threats. Our security infrastructure solutions are tailored to meet your business’s specific security needs and deliver robust protection against cyber threats.

Our Services

1- Identity and Access Management: Identity and access management are critical components for controlling user authentication and access rights within your business. With this service, we offer solutions for identity verification, authorization, access control, and single sign-on. 

2- Data Security Platform: We provide a data security platform to ensure the safety of your sensitive data. We provide solutions for critical aspects such as data encryption, data masking, data loss prevention, data leakage detection and prevention, database security, and file encryption.

3- Social Media Security: It is a solution provider specializing in social media security. It identifies security risks on social media, detects fake accounts and fraud, manages brand reputation, monitors cyberbullying and threats, and provides effective solutions for your business’s social media security.

4- Firewalls: Firewalls are a security measure used to protect your network from external threats. In this section, you can find information on how firewalls work, the different types, and their advantages.

5- Central Network and Security Policy Management: We offer central network and security policy management solutions to manage your business’s network infrastructure and security policies. With this service, you can perform operations such as network traffic management, the creation and implementation of security policies, threat monitoring, and analysis.

6- Audit and Change Management: Audit and change management processes are essential for the sustainable management of your business’s security policies. With this service, we manage audit monitoring, change management, vulnerability scanning, and security assessments, ensuring security compliance.

7-SIEM (Security Information and Event Management): SIEM is a solution used to monitor and respond to real-time threats within your business network. With this service, we strengthen your network security by collecting, analyzing, and reporting on security events.

8-Network Access Control (NAC): Network Access Control is used to ensure the security of devices connecting to your business network. With this service, we enhance network security by authorizing connected devices, implementing endpoint security, and enforcing network access policies.

9- GDPR Processes: You can work with our experts to manage processes related to data protection and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law. KVKK processes include creating data processing policies, data inventory, risk analysis, data security, and managing user rights.

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