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Strategic Partnership from ITserv Technology and Octopus, Press Release

Understanding the customer with behavioural analysis in retail …


Strategic partnership between ITserv Technology and Octopus:

Efficiency with Technology in Retail


– ITserv Technology, a pioneer in next-generation technology solutions, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Octopus, which increases the efficiency of brands in retail. ITserv Technology will carry out Octopus’ sales and field operations in Turkey and different markets

– Octopus, which offers insights that will provide new strategies to institutions by analysing the behaviour of customers in retail with technology, will increase its global power with ITserv Technology’s London, Dubai and Riyadh operations


ITserv Technology, a new generation technology solutions company, and Octopus, which offers smart solutions that increase the efficiency of brands in retail, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. With this cooperation, Octopus, which aims to analyse customer behaviour and provide new strategic perspectives to businesses by using its expertise in retail technologies, will increase its global power.


The goal is to be at every point of technology


ITserv Technology, which offers end-to-end technology solutions, continues to cooperate with brands that make a difference with their innovative solutions. Within the scope of this cooperation, ITserv Technology will carry out Octopus’ sales and field operations in Turkey and different markets.

Octopus, together with ITserv Technology’s experience, will carry its success to the world through its London, Dubai and Riyadh operations.


Mehmet Ertan Erdoğan, CEO of ITserv Technology, expressed his excitement about the cooperation in the following words: “We have signed an important cooperation with Octopus to offer an important solution to the retail world. In addition to Turkey, we will undertake the sales and service activities of Octopus with our offices in London, Dubai and Riyadh. We are working to enable organisations to make a difference in their business areas by enabling them to benefit from technology. ITserv Technology will make a difference with Octopus, which offers retail technology solutions with a focus on sectoral solutions.”


ITserv Technology carries companies to the digital world with global solutions. ITserv Technology, which carries out projects in 10 countries in the Middle East and Europe, acts as a software & technology department within companies with its professionalised staff on software and hardware technologies. With its services, ITserv Technology brings its business partners together with technological developments without wasting money and time. In addition, to offer strong protection against cyber threats, security infrastructure solutions are customised by the security needs of businesses.


Behavioural analysis

With cloud-based technologies, Octopus provides businesses with a detailed understanding of customers’ journeys in the retail world, making it easier to create marketing strategies with these analyses. It also promises to offer a 360-degree offline digital experience to support customers’ sales and marketing strategies with the data it collects through sensors at retail locations. It supports sales and marketing strategies by analysing behaviour and analysing people’s tastes.


Octopus CEO Emre Yıldız speaks about the cooperation as follows: “As Octopus, our goal is to maintain the momentum we have achieved in Turkey in global markets. Currently, our teammates have started their overtime to make sales in the Netherlands, the UK and Dubai, but this is not easy for technology startups like us. ITserv Technology’s more than 10 years of market experience will be a very important catalyst for Octopus, an end-to-end integrated technology services solution. The projects we are currently working on together are exciting and I do not doubt that we will be a game changer in this category.”