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ITserv Technology Talent Thrive Program

Advancing Skills and Career Enrichment

A different perspective on career

Our comprehensive initiative is aimed at identifying, nurturing, and empowering talent within ITserv Technology.

Through this program, we provide tailored development
opportunities, mentorship, and resources to help individuals
reach their full potential and contribute effectively to our
team’s success.

Whether it’s through skill-building workshops, career
coaching, or networking events, the program is designed to
support our employees’ growth and advancement, fostering
a culture of excellence and innovation.”


"Listen to the team members who joined us thanks to this program."

Gettrained and become one of us!

Came aboard as a fresh graduate and couldn't be more thrilled with my experience here at ITserv Technology! From day one, I've been embraced by an incredibly supportive team, given the opportunity to learn and grow, and entrusted with meaningful projects. Grateful to be part of such an inspiring work environment!"

Deniz Can Tüfekçi Technical Solutions Assistant Specialist

Join our team!

Join our team seamlessly by applying through Kariyer.net and LinkedIn! At ITserv Technology, we value your talent and provide multiple channels for you to connect with us. Explore exciting career opportunities on our website and take the first step towards a rewarding career with us today!

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