Veeam to ITserv Technology’s as “Ransomware and Disaster Recovery Competency Partner”

As ITserv Technology, Veeam’s only platinum and authorized accredited service business partner in Turkey, we received Veeam’s Competency Partner “Ransomware and Disaster Recovery” authorization to become the first and only authorized business partner in this field in Turkey.


This expertise confirms that we are capable of implementing the necessary strategies to detect suspicious activity, protect data with immutable backup options, and quickly recover backed-up data.


Veeam’s Value-Added Partner Competency Categories:
Ransomware and Disaster Recovery Competencies
Public Cloud Protection Competency
Microsoft 365 Protection Competency
Container Protection Competency


According to the Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2023, companies often lack the in-house skills and resources to optimize their current IT strategy. Veeam’s ecosystem of certified partners fills this gap, and the Veeam Competency Program brings together the right skills for the specific demands of both customers and partners.


In the data workplace, where access to the data you need at any time and under any circumstance is critical for organizations, protecting what’s available and recovering at-risk data in the event of a disaster is the key to sustainability.


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