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Data Storage

Data Storage Units and Secure Scalable Data Storage Architectures

Under our data storage category, we assist businesses in securely, seamlessly, and efficiently managing their data. In today’s business landscape, data stands as one of the most invaluable assets, and the demand for robust data storage solutions is on the rise. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large organization, as a ITserv Technology, we want to support you in protecting your data and facilitating your business growth by offering the most suitable data storage solutions.

Data Storage Architectures

1-Network Attached Storage (NAS): NAS solutions are specialized storage devices that allow multiple devices to have access to data over the networkYou can use NAS units for secure and centralized data storage, backup, sharing and easy access. NAS solutions are ideal for securing data and facilitating team collaboration.

2-Storage Area Network (SAN): SAN solutions are high-performance storage systems where data storage and access’re managed over a network. Our SAN units meet your business’s big data needs by providing fast data transfer, ample storage capacity, and high security. SAN solutions ensure business continuity with advantages such as scalability and high availability.

3-Direct Attached Storage (DAS): DAS solutions are storage units directly connected to a server. You can choose our DAS units for high-speed data transfer, low latency, and easy setup. DAS solutions are ideal for data-intensive applications and provide quick access to workloads that require high performance.

4-Data Storage Security: Data security is one of the top priorities for your business. Our data storage units protect your data with security measures and encryption options, guarding against unauthorized access. Our data storage security solutions offer advanced security protocols and management tools to keep your data safe.

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