Social Responsibility

As the ITserv Technology family, we prioritize the sustainability of life. We work hard to protect nature and ensure that people from all walks of life have equal opportunities.

We do our best to make life easier, no matter how small or big, and we keep moving forward.


Where there is man, there is hope.

We see it as one of the responsibilities of humanity to make a difference in a person’s life. As ITserv Technology, we take it as a principle that pain decreases with sharing, and hope increases with unity.

We continue to make regular donations, with the awareness that being by the financial and moral support of SMA patients and the continuity of the assistance provided are the main factors in connecting them to life.


We will continue to live life by greening our tomorrows!

We continue to work together with the Tema Foundation so that trees, which are among the most fundamental members of vitality, bring life to the future all over the world and in our country.

With the awareness of fulfilling our responsibilities towards nature, we support planting campaigns in order to breathe into the future in our work.

We will continue to nurture the future with our regular work.


We work hard to touch a small heart.

We consider it our duty and responsibility to regularly support the education of our children who have lost their mother and father.

We take the responsibility to ensure equal opportunity in education and we always stand by our children with the “Darüşşafaka Looking for Parents” campaign to contribute to the training of individuals who will be leaders of the future.


Whether online or in the real world, we embrace progress with what sports add to our lives. We support those who open the doors of the virtual world with e-sports, the new indispensable part of our lives.

We are in this game too.

By contributing to the development of e-sports with our sponsorship activities and tournaments we organize, we are working to integrate the sports understanding of the future into life.